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Why I chose to move to the Rainmaker Platform

Why I chose to move to the Rainmaker Platform

I’ve been asked by a number of people "why, as a website developer, did I make the switch to using the Rainmaker Platform?" I figured it would be best to write this review post as many people I know wonder if they should make the switch and it may … [Read More...]

Time to Plan for Next Year

Time to plan for next year

What I use each year for planning and how I organize my binder. Each December I look forward to some down time to start planning out my goals and dreams for next year. I've had many people on social media ask about what I use, so I thought this … [Read More...]

Keeping track of your time with Toggl

Keeping track of your time using Toggl

As a small business owner, it is important that I track my time so I know A) how long I'm working on non-billable tasks each week and B) to properly bill my clients for work completed (those 10 - 15 min jobs really do add up!) I've tried many methods … [Read More...]