Will you be my friend?

Finding more friends and followers for your Twitter and Facebook profiles/pages is one of the things most people struggle with.

In order to reach more people with your message, you need to have more people actually seeing and reading what you write!

Social media sharing sites like Twitter and Facebook make this much easier, however, how do you get enough people following you to make any money for your business?

The time invested in social media can be extensive, so you want to make it worth your while.

One of the most important things to remember is that social media is a place to be “social”. Your main goal here is to build relationships not sell your services.

Selling what you offer comes as a secondary result of these stronger relationships you’re building with your followers.

Before you start trying to attract more followers and friends, make sure you are posting information that is relevant to your prospects. You want to provide helpful tips, share inspirational or funny quotes, and give them an inside peek into your life. Let them get to know you.

Ask questions and respond to people’s comments on your posts. Answer questions posted to your wall. These types of things are what builds strong relationships with your followers.

To get more followers/fans, you’ll want to search out other people who are in your circle or prospective clients and follow/friend them. Start commenting and building a relationship with them and then invite them back to your page/profile.

Do this to about 10 new people a day on either Twitter and/or Facebook and you’ll see your fans and followers grow.

Your “To Do” item for the week On Twitter an easy way to find new followers is to search for a particular keyword that pertains to your niche. Among the list of people who show up, look at people’s comments/profile and see which ones interest you and who you think would be a good fit for your business. Follow them and comment back on a couple of their status updates that interest you. Chances are, if they feel a connection to you, they’ll follow you back. If you have a Facebook page, invite them to interact with you on Facebook too! Bonus points if you can look up their business and “Like” their page first. :-)

On Facebook, you can find new businesses/people to friend and follow and strike up conversations with them. Once you have some dialog going, invite them back to “Like” your page.

If you’re involved in any groups, they are a great place to friend new people and build up your following.

Comment below: How often do you share information with your audience? Do you make it interesting for them? Do you have trouble knowing what to post on your Facebook/Twitter pages? Share your thoughts. :-)

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  1. karen says

    Great post Jenn!

    One more thing I do on Twitter is to look up someone I respect and see who are her followers. Then, I RT their tweets and follow them. Then, I see if they follow me in a few days and if they don’t follow me back, I unfollow them.

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